The Surprising Role Of Bee Pollen In Weight Loss

bee pollen weight lossLet me tell you a secret – bee pollen weight loss pills are the new fad hitting the market today!

But unlike other health fads that quickly fade when people discover them to be ineffective, I am betting that bee pollen is here to stay.

Here’s why…in a nutshell…

Why Bee Pollen Can Help You Lose Weight

  • Helps burn up fat
  • Stops those cravings for fats and sweets
  • Boosts energy naturally

Bee Pollen Is Effective

In every product that people buy, they tend to look for most effective ones in the market.

Recently, bee pollen weight loss products caused quite a stir – especially in the Asian markets – as news of their effectiveness began to spread. But more than just popularity, bee pollen actually has a valid and scientific basis for its weight loss claims.

For starters, bee pollen has the power to curb appetite.

The main component in bee pollen’s weight reducing power is a compound called phenylalanine.  Among its other properties this compound inhibits the feeling of hunger.

Weight loss is more of a mental battle than a nutritional one. When we are hungry, our stomach tells our brains to eat. Phenylalanine blocks this impulse leading to less food consumption.

Taking bee pollen just 30 minutes before a meal can help curb appetite, leading to a lesser intake of food. As we all know, less calories means less fat.

People who have taken bee pollen before meals have reported to have lost a couple of pounds within a week. One woman who took bee pollen and exercised regularly had lost around 20 lbs within 1 month. That is strong evidence of bee pollen as a weight loss product.

Bee Pollen Is Nutritious and Fat-Free

Among the paradoxical qualities of bee pollen is its ability to be nutritious and still slim you down.

Bee pollen contains over 12 amino acids, tens of enzymes, potassium, iodine and vitamins. This provides the body with a much needed nutritional soup which not only strengthens its structures but also fortifies the immune system.

bee pollen weight loss pillsIf you are on a diet what you absolutely need to continue to take are vitamins. Most dieters turn back after just a few days of reduced food consumption because they feel weak. This is due to the fact that their bodies aren’t getting enough vitamins compared to what they were used to getting before beginning their diets.

Bee pollen helps the body cope with a reduced food intake. It provides the essential vitamins that the body would otherwise lose from the reduced intake of food. With bee pollen containing zero fat and a few carbohydrates, it is the best choice of nutrients for people who try to cut their weight.

Bee Pollen Is Natural

Perhaps the final and most important advantage of bee pollen over other weight loss products is simply the fact that it is 100% natural. Bee pollen comes from flowers and is collected by the bees. It contains no caffeine, preservatives and harmful chemicals. You don’t have to worry about contamination in bee pollen as long as you source your product from a certified producer.

Bee Movies – The Castes of the Honey Bee from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.

Another Important Benefit

In addition to helping to arrest weight gain the nutritional composition of the pollen has another important benefit too.

By containing vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and protein pollen can increase energy levels and strength when it is prepared in specific way in order to make it effective.

You might try a dose of bee pollen instead of an energy drink when your eyelids start drooping mid-afternoon.  Unlike the over-hyped drinks that often contain excessive caffeine and other synthesized chemicals bee pollen’s natural ingredients can give you the boost you need without the risk.


One supplement company harvests its bee pollen from one of the most unspoiled New Zealand geographies, near a large national park, where the air is pure and uncontaminated by industrial factories.

Immediately after it is harvested, the bee pollen freshness is preserved by freezing it. The company then mixes the potent health components found in bee pollen with specialized enzymes in order to make it more bio-available so that it can release its energy boosting powers.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you compare the bee pollen product manufactured by the company to other bee pollens and producers.

The company is so confident of their bee pollen weight loss products that they even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



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