Bee Pollen Diet Pills

Can You Trust Claims About Bee Pollen Diet Pills?

bee pollen diet pillsEver since bee pollen diet pills hit the market, overweight people have rushed to buy these so-called diet supplements, lured by the promises that taking these supplements can help them lose weight.

Some of these companies go so far as to promise that by taking their brand of pollen diet pills these overweight people can actually lose weight without the need of a changed diet or more exercise.

They even go as far as to talk about their special mixture of herbs such as Chinese yam and lotus seeds, and how when you combine these ingredients with a minute bit of pollen you will drop those pounds almost magically.

The Truth About Bee Pollen Diet Pills

The sad truth is that most bee pollen diet pills only contain minute amounts of actual pollen.  The rest of the pills consists of herbs that seem to have little effect on weight loss.

So even if the pollen could actually help you to lose weight, there is simply not enough pollen in these pills to provide any real benefit.

In most cases, these supplements may be little more than placebos that aren’t going to do much if anything at all to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  The only thing that is going to get lighter is your wallet.

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What About 100% Bee Pollen Supplements? Can They Help You To Lose Weight?

Let’s get one thing straight, bee pollen is not a weight loss supplement, it is a nutritional supplement.

That being said it may help some motivated people to lose weight.

Bee pollen:

  • Provides your body with complete nutrition

This is important because when your body doesn’t get all the nutrition it needs to function properly chemical imbalances can occur.

One cause (not the only one certainly) of weight gain and failed diets is that chemical imbalances in the body can cause a person to have an increased appetite.  The brain reacts to the missing nutrients as a need for more food, resulting in hunger pangs.

The truth is what your body needs is more of the right nutrients not more food.  So, by giving the body all of the nutrients it needs to function properly, that overactive appetite diminishes leaving you to feel less hungry so many people begin to eat less.

  • Increases energy levels

bee pollen diet pillsThe more energy you have the more likely you are going to exercise.

When energy levels are low you simply have difficulty making it through the day, leaving you with no energy reserves to spend taking those walks or visiting the gym.

The higher your energy levels are the more active you want to be. Physical activity along with a healthy diet can result in weight loss.

As you can see pollen can help you to achieve your weight loss goals, but not without effort and commitment on your part.

A decreased appetite is only going to help keep hunger pangs at bay, it is not going to prevent you from eating.

Similarly, increased energy isn’t going to make you exercise, it simply is going to make you feel more able to do those exercises.



You will likely be better off choosing bee pollen nutritional supplements rather than bee pollen diet pills.

You do need to keep in mind that pollen that is gathered from hives in areas with a good deal of pollution may not have the weight loss benefits you are looking for.

Pollen collected around poor air quality will contain heavy metals and toxins that may actually deplete that energy and over time make you feel too sick to want to exercise or diet.

Only by choosing a pollen that comes from one of the least polluted countries on earth, New Zealand, can you ensure that you are getting all those pollen benefits that can aid you in quest to lose weight.

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