Bee Pollen For Weight Loss

How To Take Bee Pollen For Weight Loss

If you want to take bee pollen for weight loss, there are plenty of supplements on the market. You also have the option of buying the granules from a health food store, a farmer’s market or online. Here’s a short buyer’s guide that should help you pick the right product. Let’s start with the health foods.

What’s Online and in the Health Food Stores?

bee pollen for weight lossOnline, you will find granules that have been freeze dried, canned or packaged in a plastic bag. The age of the granules is hard to determine. Companies use advertizing jargon like “fresh”, but it should be obvious that mass production and high volume sales would not be possible if the company gathered the granules from a hive on a daily basis.

The problem with the “not so fresh” choices is that they lose their nutritional value quite quickly. The same is true of other types of produce. Freeze dried would actually be your best bet in this case.

Dieticians have started recommending frozen vegetables over the so-called fresh produce you see in the grocery store for the same reason. Produce that is frozen or freeze dried right after harvesting retains its nutritional value.

The taste might not be to your liking, but if you want to take bee pollen for weight loss, you need all the nutrients you can get. It is the nutrients that curb your appetite and help you lose weight.

What’s at the Farmer’s Market?

If you were interested in some of the other health benefits, such as a possible decrease in seasonal allergies, the fresh local grown products you find at the farmer’s market could be a good choice. The granules also taste better when they are truly fresh.

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What about Supplements?

bee pollen for weight lossSupplements are the best choice if you want to take bee pollen for weight loss, assuming you choose the right supplement. The best supplements start out with the freeze dried product. The freeze dried granules are added to a mix of enzymes that break down the outer shell of the granule and fully release the nutrients.

The best supplements are in capsule form. So, there is no taste, good or bad. It’s like taking any other kind of nutritional supplement.

The best manufacturers use only pollens that have been gathered from hives where there is no air pollution. Studies have shown that this natural product is commonly contaminated with a wide variety of toxins, including several different kinds of bacteria.

If you want the best results when taking bee pollen for weight loss, you want some other ingredients. Eleuthero extract, for example, is included in this company’s bee pollen. Eleuthero is well known among athletes as a performance enhancer.

Of course, you need to be aware that there are no magic pills. This is simply a diet aid. It is different from other products, because it is not strictly an appetite suppressant. When you take New Zealand bee pollen for weight loss, you also get the nutrients you need to for the energy you need to get moving and drop some pounds.



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