Propolis Extract

propolis extract

Propolis Extract: Product Description, Potential Health Benefits and Potential Risks Propolis extract is a honeybee product, not unlike beeswax in the way that bees use it. They spaces in the hive and propolis for filling small gaps. It is also … Continue reading

Flower Pollen

flower pollen

The Health Benefits Of Flower Pollen Flower pollen is notorious for causing hay fever, the most common allergic reaction in the US. But eating honeybee-gathered pollen may actually be good for you. Here’s a description of the health food and … Continue reading

Bee Bread

bee bread

How Is Bee Bread Different Than Bee Pollen? One of the most confusing bee products is bee bread. With so many bee products on the market today, sometimes it is difficult to know just what each bee product is. Depending on where … Continue reading

B Pollen

b pollen buzz

The B Pollen Buzz The B pollen buzz may be just advertising hype. The best way to tell the difference between hype and fact is to look at the source. Here are some questions to ask when you are reading about this and … Continue reading