Where To Buy Bee Pollen

Tips On Where To Buy Bee Pollen

where to buy bee pollenFor those who want to enjoy the benefits of bee pollen supplements finding out where to buy bee pollen is extremely simple.

Health food stores, pharmacies, and even many department stores that have a drug store department, and many online sites carry bee pollen or bee pollen supplements.

You may even be able to get raw pollen from a local bee keeper or at a farmer’s market.

However, getting a supplement that contains unpolluted and healthy bee pollen may be a little more difficult.

Here are some tips on where to buy bee pollen supplements that are free of toxins, heavy metals, and other pollutants.

  • Know Where That Pollen Comes From

In order to ensure that you buy pollen that is free of pollution you need to know where the hives that produce the pollen come from.

Keep in mind that supplements of pollen that come from manufacturing countries such as Japan and the United States are more likely than not to contain pollutants. Factory chimneys often shoot particles of heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins into the atmosphere.  These particles land on bushes, trees, and the flowers that bees collect their flower pollen from.

  • Take The Time To Know The Laws Governing Pesticides

Not only do you need to know if bee pollen comes from a manufacturing country you also need to know how that country regulates the use of chemical pesticides.

Even pollen that comes from farming countries may be loaded with chemicals if the farmers use chemical pesticides. Studies show that these pesticides can cause a variety of health problems in humans including some cancers.

  • Why New Zealand Bee Pollen Is Best

If you want the most pollution-free bee pollen possible, then you want pollen that is collected from hives in New Zealand.

New Zealand not only has a small population and little manufacturing, their government maintains strict pollution controls even on the use of pesticides. This results in far less if any pollutants getting on those bee loving flowers, which means healthier bees and purer pollen.


URBAN BEEKEEPING from zolo films on Vimeo.


where to buy bee pollenThere may be a few health food stores both online and off line that sell bee pollen supplements from New Zealand.

Fortunately there is one health supplement company that goes one step further in ensuring that their New Zealand bee pollen is pure.

Not only does the company collect pollen from hives that are native to New Zealand, but those hives are located in an area next to a huge nature preserve on one side and the Southern Ocean on the other.

This combination makes these hives and the pollen from them some of the most pollution-free hives in the world.

Now, isn’t it nice to know where to buy bee pollen?

To learn more about the purity and effectiveness of bee pollen supplements visit their website by clicking here.


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