Where To Buy Royal Jelly

Are You Wondering Where To Buy Royal Jelly?

where to buy royal jellyIf you have heard of the health benefits of royal jelly and are wondering where to buy royal jelly the answer is just about anywhere. Many health food stores, bee keepers, and online sites carry and sell royal jelly.

In addition to asking where you can buy this so-called “miracle food” here are some other questions to answer:

  • Where does this type of jelly come from?
  • What form is the jelly in?
  • How is the jelly processed?

It essential to know exactly where that jelly comes from in order to feel reasonably secure that your jelly is free of toxins and other pollutants.

Royal jelly that comes from heavily populated countries with a lot of industries is more susceptible to toxins, heavy metals, and other pollutants that may get into it via being carried by the wind.

There is also the possibility that areas with few manufacturing plants and smaller populations may still depend heavily on insecticides and pesticides used in farming and lawn care.

The form your royal jelly comes in can also make a big difference to whether or not you get any real benefits from this product.

Of course, if you want fresh jelly then knowing where to buy the jelly can make a huge difference because you are only going to get fresh jelly from the source, which is from a local bee keeper.

However, frozen jelly and supplements can be purchased from health food stores and even online.

The problem with this is you simply don’t know how fresh the jelly was when it was frozen or even where the jelly originally came from.

Royal jelly supplements are probably the easiest to buy.  However, again you usually have no idea where the jelly in these supplements came from. And worse, you do not know how the supplements have been manufactured.  If the jelly has subjected to heat then it will have lost some of the valuable nutrients that make royal jelly and its cousin, bee pollen so good for your health.

Nomia bee “unpacking” pollen from Elayne Bouffler on Vimeo.

A Better Choice

There is no need to worry about where to buy royal jelly.

In order to get the freshest and healthiest bee byproduct available, consider choosing this company’s bee pollen.

It comes from one of the most unpolluted areas on earth.  New where to buy royal jellyZealand not only has a small population for the size of the country, but the hives where this pollen comes from is in the most pristine area of quite an unspoiled country.  This results in pollen that is probably some of the purest pollen on earth.

In addition, this pollen is freeze dried, keeping all the nutritional ingredients one would expect from their bee pollen.

Loaded with with every healthy nutrient for life, these pollen supplements contain all the amino acids, vitamin B complex and other nutrients your body needs to maintain perfect health.

To learn more visit their website. 


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