YS Organic Bee Pollen

What About Y.S. Organic Bee Pollen?

Certified Organic Producer

For over 25 years, Y.S. Organic Bee Farms has been popular for providing the U.S national YS Organic Bee Pollenfood market with the best quality bee products. Their extensive knowledge of hands-on beekeeping has allowed them to produce quality, natural bee foods and food supplements, and earn a credible reputation for bee products.

Since 1995, Y.S. Organic Bee Farms has maintained organic certification through the Organic Crop Improvement Association, and later through the National Organic Program, United States Department of Agriculture.

Demand for their products remains high and has resulted in them creating working relationships with other beekeeping farms in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, all of which are considered healthy habitats for bee product harvests.

Bee Pollen Formulations

Organic beekeeping is the method that is free of chemicals, forbids the feeding and maintenance of bees from non-organic sources, and specifies certain land, crop, and beekeeping management practices.

Organic bee pollen is produced in ways that maintain its freshness, cleanliness, softness and taste. Additionally, the right amount of exposure to sunlight, moisture, air and temperature is properly controlled in order to preserve its nutrient contents, creating a highly-balanced nutritional profile.

YS Organic Bee PollenY.S. Organic bee pollen is one of four products that Y.S. Organic Bee Farms bring to market. Its bee pollen comes in three forms: whole granules, capsules, and powder. These include fresh raw bee pollen whole granules, low moisture bee pollen whole granules, bee pollen capsules, bee pollen powder (with spiriluna, chlorella, barley, and wheat grass), bee pollen powder, and super sports bee pollen powder.

Fresh raw bee pollen is simply a product of natural state procedure wherein it hasn’t been processed or ground down to a powder or dried with excessive heat. It contains the most concentrated amounts of the 22 basic elements that make up the human body. It also requires refrigeration to meet its moisture content of about 18-20% so it can be easily absorbed by the body without side effects.

Low moisture bee pollen has to be kept in a controlled facility with the right amount of moisture content over a specified period of time to maintain nutritive value of 97%. It is crunchy and chewy and doesn’t require refrigeration.

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Apparently, Y.S. bee pollen powder can be a mixture of American Ginseng, royal jelly, eleuthero, spirulina, chlorella, wheat and barley grass and some herbs, which are all protein enhancers. However it does not contain sugar, starch, synthetic colors, preservatives, fragrances and usual allergens, pesticides and herbicides.

The use of these Y.S. Organic bee pollen products has been recognized as having beneficial effects on antioxidant activity, athletic performance, beauty treatments, and prebiotic properties.


Armed the right choice of food supplements will definitely help you achieve the health benefits they possess.

Comparing this company’s bee pollen to other similar products and produces, you will be impressed.

They harvest their bee pollen in the most unspoiled geographies of New Zealand, with a large national park nearby, where you find air this is pure and without the contamination of industrial factories.

Immediately after it is harvested, the company freezes the bee pollen so that freshness is preserved. They then mix the potent health substances found in bee pollen with dietary enzymes. The result is a product that is more bio-available and much better at releasing its boosting powers of energy.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee tells you that they are confident in the quality of the products they deliver.

Now, will you consider the New Zealand bee pollen as a better alternative?


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